Monday, April 30, 2012

VC Elite Finishes Long Weekend with 2nd Place Finish

Our girls varsity team played their championship game at seven o'clock on Sunday night against Balboa Hills.  The game was extremely competitive and the girls gave it everything they had despite injury.  In the end Balboa won a very close game.  This was the third championship game in a row for this team and I am very impressed with the team chemistry that they are developing. 

I am very proud of all our teams and respect the effort that all of our players are putting forth, even when we are sometimes playing up in age or division.   

The club has now played three weekends in a row and I am sure everyone is looking forward to a little rest next weekend.  I also took the Santa Barbara tournament the following weekend off our schedule because of Mother's Day.  I will replace it with another tournament on May 26th and 27th.

See everyone on Tuesday.

Go Elite!!