Please communicate with your coaches.  After practice is a good time to talk to them.  Please let them know: a) if you are running late for a game, b) if you have plans to be out of town and might miss games or practices, c) if you become aware of any issues that might negatively effect your child or any other player in our program.

All players should be at all games 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time and 10-15 minutes before every practice.  Being late puts stress and pressure on the player, her teammates and the coaching staff.

Please support the program and each other by refraining from saying anything negative about someone else's child other than privately directly to the VC Elite Director.  Even saying something negative in front of your own child about another player puts unnecessary stress on your own child.  We would also greatly encourage you to, even challenge you, not be negative to your own child when it comes to playing basketball.  In any case, to be a part of this program it is mandatory to stay positive during games at all times towards the players, the opposing players, the referees, scorekeepers and coaches; both yours and the opposing team's.  Again, any issues should be privately discussed away from the players with the Director or coaches.

It is a difficult, sometimes impossible, job to balance the best interests of every child in our program. Each coach uses their best judgment on teaching, praise, constructive criticism, and maybe the most sensitive aspect of this balance, playing time.  If you have a legitimate concern, you are welcome to communicate it to a coach.  A coach must balance competitiveness, contribution, practice performance, prior minutes played, attendance, attitude, individual skills and a multitude of other factors in making quick substitution decisions. When parents are unhappy about playing time, they are usually only focused on one or two of these factors rather than the bigger picture.   We try our best to weigh and balance all of these factors, but sometimes it is very difficult.   We put a lot of time and effort into thinking about what's best for the kids, but we sometimes make mistakes.  Please let us know what is going on, but be sensitive to how difficult the choices must be for us each and every game and balance whether or not being in the program overall is a positive experience that your daughter will carry with her after they leave our program.