Monday, October 10, 2016

VC Elite has Strong Showing at SGV Aloha Challenge

The 8th grade team had a great weekend at the SGV ALOHA CHALLENGE. They posted victories on Saturday over the Wolfpack and Aikanes.  This placed them in the semi final game against the Arizona Rebels on Sunday. It was a hard fought game and Elite was up by 1 with 4 seconds left, but the Rebels hit a last second shot to win. Our team bounced back to defeat the South Bay Breakers and took 3rd place. Good job ladies!  The 6th graders also had a successful weekend taking 2nd place.  They started off strong with victories over Northstar’s, Wolfpack, and OCRhythm placing themselves in the championship game on Sunday.  In the championship game against the KEJI Aikanes they found themselves down by 12 with only 4 minutes to go.  They clawed their way back into the game and had their chance but ended up losing by 6.  Still a great effort.  Coach Harry and Julie are very proud of this group and 2nd place a great accomplishment in such a difficult tournament like this.

6th Grade 2nd Place SGV Aloha Challenge

3rd Place 8th Grade SGV Aloha Challenge
Go Elite!!