Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6th Graders Electrify Lights Out

The 6th graders won the Lights Out Championship on November 14-15 in the San Fernando Valley.  They played SGV first and one of the top players in the tournament.  They held a narrow lead most of the game but broke it open late to win by 8.  In the semi-final game they met the Pasadena Vikings, a team they lost to the previous week.  The game went back and forth in what can best be described as a High School Varsity atmosphere in front of a large crowd.  The game went back and forth ending up in overtime, and despite being without one of their top ball handlers and scores the girls pulled it out winning by 3.  It was nice to beat a team they lost to the week before and shows the resiliency of this team.  They didn't stop there though, winning the championship game right after by 6.  Keep up the hard work girls!!
2015 Lights Out Champions

Go Elite!!