Monday, March 30, 2015

VC Elite Update

It has been a crazy first month for VC Elite basketball.  We added many new players and are trying to develop team chemistry while also working on core fundamentals.  None the less, after one month of practice and two tournaments I am very happy with how the teams are developing.
The 4th Graders had their first playing experience last weekend and were matched up against two 5th grade boys teams.  Ok, maybe that's not the way we wanted to start the season but it will make games against girls are own age seem that much easier.  The 5th Graders added some talent to their team and have started the season in the right way winning the championship in their first two tournaments.  This team is doing it with full court man pressure and quick transition to offense.  The 7th/8th Grade team also added some new talent and are working hard to get the team unity and intensity needed to compete in their competitive division.  It will be interesting to see how this team does when a key player returns from injury.  One win and in both tournaments could easily turn into two or three wins.  The High School Blue Team is a brand new team for us and this is the first club experience for most of them.  I was on the bench for most of their games last weekend and Coach Sean has them playing hard and with great positive energy.  Their hard work paid off big late Sunday afternoon with a win over Team Intensity.  Keep working hard girls!  The High School White team is made up of past Elite players, a few Elite 8th graders and some players that we have wanted to play for us for a long time now.  It's a young skilled group of players with a high basketball IQ.  They won two games and lost one in the tournament last weekend and could easily have been 3-0.  Maybe next tournament. 

I am very happy with the how hard all the teams and players are practicing and playing.  The positive energy is awesome.  I am so very proud to be a part of this.  Go Elite!!

5th/6th Champions Quakes Spring Classic
5th/6th Champions Spring Showdown